CA Issues Call to Action Opposing Medicare Part D Rebates

Communicating for America has joined the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, and 380 other organizations leading the effort to support Medicare Part D and oppose Part D rebates.Letters signed by all organizations were delivered to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate last week. The letter urges opposition to Part D rebates because they will:•   Increase Part D premiums by 20 to 40 percent •   Shift costs onto employers and states, which could increase drug prices for others. •   Jeopardize adherence to care plans •   Weaken incentives that have helped dramatically to hold down costs.

Medicare Part D is currently 45 percent under budget projections and premiums have remained steady for seniors since the program was implemented. We believe this is a model for the government to replicate and proposals like Part D rebates will jeopardize the programs’ success.

The letter sent is attached. Click here to read more

CALL TO ACTION  We urge you to consider contacting your Congressional representatives in opposition to Part D rebates.  For assistance, please  He will prepare a message specific to your Congressional representative.