Communicating for Agriculture Scholarship & Education Foundation

Charitable Foundation

The Communicating for Agriculture Scholarship & Education Foundation (CAF) was founded in 1981 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps fund programs for hope, change, and progress. The Foundation is governed and managed by Communicating For America’s (CA) board of directors.

CAF has two primary missions:

  1. To fund transformative non-profit programs that help individuals enhance their daily lives.
  2. To promote international understanding and learning through sponsored training and intern programs.

We have provided funds and support to:

  • Nearly 1,000  students as they pursue their post-secondary education.
  • Nearly 10,000 American families by erasing more than $9,000,000 of medical debt
  • Connect rural kids in four states to online music and arts education.

We have supported, coordinated and provided funds to:

  • Bring more than 30,000 individuals from other countries to America to live and learn from host families and businesses through our U.S. State Department-approved international exchange and education programs.
  • Develop sponsored and supervised programs for agriculture, horticulture, enology, equine, turf management, citrus, and apiary.
  • Match Americans who wish to participate in international training programs with qualified host families and host businesses throughout the world. 
We have created programs and solutions for:
  • Nearly 200,000 Americans denied health insurance because of medical reasons.
  • Millions of Americans seeking answers on how to access healthcare, negotiate medical bills, save money on their insurance, and get the premium subsidies they deserve.

For additional information, please contact our office at (218) 739-3241 or email us at



Scholarship Programs

The CA Scholarship & Education Foundation continues to provide emerging leaders in rural communities with scholarships for educational advancement, both here at home and abroad. Led by leaders from all over the country, the foundation helps cultivate new, globally-minded citizens through education, work, and travel. The Foundation has awarded more than $2 million dollars to young Americans striving to obtain their career dreams. Scholarships benefit a wide range of young people in the fields of nursing, agriculture, and many other training programs. The organization takes a “world view” that young people should be encouraged to visit countries and work with businesses to encourage both the businesses and scholarship participants to think globally.



The Foundation invests in America’s communities by donating to numerous other charitable foundations, including those in health care, education, military veteran organizations, social service communities, and medical debt forgiveness.